Trading SSS for Headless


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We’ve mostly come to agree that Headless is more or less worth Sunken Sword, but most people on this forum would like to keep their Headless. If you want to make profit and get Headless at the same time, try to find someone in-game willing to overpay.

Yeaaaaaaah don’t try this. It’s gonna take you years to find anyone.

I’ll do it but you gotta add more since headless = strong Ss
Also for the nerds that are gonna argue, when headless was = to clean ss people overpayed for it with a SSS
SO now that headless = sss, you must overpay to even have a chance at headless

That isnt how it works, whilst overpaying gives you a bigger chance of getting a headless it isnt required. A lot of people have traded their sss for a headless recently and when clean ss was = to a headless that trade also happened a few times


Your right it isn’t required, I’m just saying what you would have to do to get a headless

or like… just don’t trade with you? he’s literally just waiting for someone to accept his offer (which is decent). and YOU have no say in HIS trade because it is a perfectly fine trade. so shut up you buttfuck


drama got no chill :fire:

Relax, I’m not tryna chest him out of a deal, he will definitely get a headless sooner or later with an SSS. But to CONFIRM that you get it it’s better to overpay it’s equal



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Why should I pay more to get a deal done when my trade is good enough for a deal

I’d practically be scamming myself

Because headless is more potential than SSS, therefore it is supported you ask for an overpay on headless. What nuclear said was true, however its low key an L for the person that does this trade. Missing out on lots of profit

so you’re saying: he should overpay even more for the same item that his current trade can get

No, I’m saying the person who would trade away his headless for a SSS would be taking an L, this trade is fair, however most ppl with a headless would ask for an overpay like I did

sss is still considered overpay; it’s just that it’s considered the standard of overpay due to it being the easieste overpay choice if you’re looking for a headless

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No its not lol, me and over 75% of traders agree that due to common trades being headless for SSS and headless being unob for arouunndd 6 months ish, headless is now = to sss.

peoples values are different
in the end, this trade still isnt ass