Trading Stereotypes

Consider this as my own take on the WoM Trading community.

  • The apes who think crowns will get them the most exotic items in the game:
    “Willing to pay 500 crowns for Strong Oathkeeper”

  • The mysterious traffickers you meet on the border:
    “DM me for my offer”

  • The rich people who abused the living sht out of the Capitalist society:
    “Welcome to my shop! I have 9999 Sunkens and Boss Items!”

  • One-time traders who need an item and willing to pay an absurd price for it:
    “Looking for maid skirt, I can pay 1k crowns for it”

  • The noob who gets scammed without realizing it:
    “Hey kid, I’ll give you a Mino helmet for that Oathkeeper”
    “Ok, sounds good to me”

  • The people who spend hours a day looking over the forum for a good deal without actually trading anything:

  • The guy suffering from RNGesus while enchanting and begs on the forum to trade for a better enchant.
    “Hard Sunken for Strong/Clean Sunken pls”

  • Me, who looks over people’s trades and wonder if they’re capable of thinking and breathing at the same time:

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me who doesn’t even trade

You forgot the vanity traders like me, who survive off getting random items, and hoping somebody needs them for their outfit

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