Trading Strong level 70 sunken helmet

Discord: ShadowNO#5462

Bad helmet

Eh its a bad helm but im poor atm ill come back.

> nty :thinking:

My guy has almost been here for a year and posted once.

Hes been here for 6 months you mean

Anyways @ShadowNO quick tip: if you want to increase the chances of you getting a trade i would recommend to say what kind of items youre looking for. Most traders are too lazy to find out unless its a really good trade or if theyre looking for that specific item

Thanks man

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I need to be notified whenever someone new comes, wish that was possible side from new people just flat out telling me

i would get it because ao but im too lazy to check what items i have sorry

I have introduce yourself on watching but it’s not always the first catgory people go to

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