Trading sunken helmet (clean) for at least 20 seasonals

Feel free to dm me for an offer: WhyIsMathSoHard#8032 (if you guys don’t want to buy just respectfully shut up) (I HATE FISHING MACROERS WTF HAPPENED TO SUNKEN VALUE AIHFIUHIDFA MY ARMMM)

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hell no
Sunken helmet is the worse valued sunken clean item (No enchantments)

cuz of enchant scrolls

bruh seasonals are limited
sunken helm would be extremely easy to get late game

hell na fishing has broken my arm

If you think enchantments just make the value the same as clean
this trade is shit then

makes no sense

bro doesnt know what the dark sea is :stuck_out_tongue:

20 seasonals I don’t believe it worth a sunken helmet, most likely a hard sunken helmet possibly. However, if you think enchantments are worth the same as clean then most trades you might make will be overpay/underpay

This is an underpay

what??? the fuck???

more probably

I don’t really know my values but this trade is obviously an underpay :skull:!


Remember this is will World of Magic
Values haven’t changed for enchantments yet

hard sunken armor is the most valuable enchant
also no its not seasonals are worthless

The whole point of getting items in WoM is for AO

no its not

not really