Trading sunken iron armor pieces for seasonals or sunken warrior

i give (choose one of the packages/deals):

  1. 2 sunken iron helmets (1 of them has armored)
  2. 1 sunken iron chestplate

i get (choose which package you give):

  1. 1 easter valk
  2. 1 hallowed + 1 “normal” halloween seasonal
  3. 3 hallowen seasonals (not hallowed pumpkin)
  4. 1 sunken warrior helmet
  5. 1 sunken warrior leggings
  6. headless (lol)

i choose pack deal 3 to give you 3 non-hallowed seasonals

i am after pack deal 2 for a package deal 3

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we can trade rn

discord/roblox (same user): Archenhailor

join me fishing with people sry, supersoldier947ii

oh yeah it’s you again

me and my friend gonna go dark sea fish wanna join us?

maybe sure, when tho

k join, ready

uhhh i just realized i cant make it sadly

its ok you made it

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