Trading Sunken Iron helmet for Sunken Warrior Helmet

Not interested in trading for anything else, don’t message me with anything else. Trade aimed at people trying to collect sets

Update: trade completed


Why would anyone ever accept this?

(nobody would)

ye lol

Since you two can’t read; yes. The trade isn’t aimed at somebody wanting to use them, just for people trying to collect. However, in both cases, it is a fair 1:1 trade. I do however, not agree that it’s a scam even if you were wanting to trade on a use basis. Both sets have different stats, it isn’t a case of one being better than the other. They are different. But in terms of rarity, the same.

the thing is that even though everything you said is correct, that isnt the whole story. Demand plays a large role in an item’s value and the demand for sunken iron helmets simply isnt there. Why? Because all the luck 5 parties that happened in the last few months absolutely flooded the market with sunken irons. Sure the same thing also happened with sunken warrior but sunken warrior items are a more recent addition to the game and therefore, theres a smaller stock of them. Theyre also seen as more desirable by most people

tl;dr: the trade isnt worth it because people simply dont want sunken iron helmets because the supply of sunken iron helmets is much larger than that of sunken warrior helmets

Agreed. Like i said, not meant for a fair trade in terms rarity, or people wanting to use either.

Cant conpare a collectors trade to regular ones, even accounting for demand.

The person who accepted the trade had a warrior helmet and wanted an iron helmet, which was the point of the trade.

tl;dr i dont care about the desire of most people as the trades not aimed at them

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