Trading sunken iron pieces for easter seasonals

trading sunken iron pieces for easter seasonals, looking for easter valk/ lanterns, user:supersoldier947ii

which pieces you have?

helmet chestplate and leggings

ok all of them for the helm?

k sure

or do you have a sunken staff?

i did yes, were you going to add anything then?

can you do only chestplate and legs + staff for helm?

by helm what do you mean?

easter valkyrie helm?

sunken iron helm is worth more than easter valk

thats why I said replace helm with staff

staff is worth 3 easter valks

I add eggs

50 eggs are worth 1 valk

I give just 1 shoulder crow for it

easter valk is worth more than shoulder crow

!?!!??! shoulder crow is halloween seasonal

ok no trade then :person_shrugging:

this might help u later lol