Trading Sunken Sword for 100k fish bait

Trading away sunken swords for 100k fish bait per

Discord: Sleepy💤 #0001

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yooo count me in

how many fish baits do you have at the moment wtf, 500k?

not enough I will sell my ss’ for fishbait

i will slowly get more fish bait

he will surpass thingyy’s value in fishbait alone

Already did a while ago

how about i give you a clean mino hat and you give me your ss


Can I get sunken sword if I give you 8,333 per month until I reach the payment of 100k baits?

Yeah sure, at the end of the payment, I’ll give you the sunken sword.

so whoever gets you 100k fish bait first gets ss?

Nah, I have 2 left, so first 2 I guess. :smiley:

im at 2k
98k to go

alex i pray for you bud :pray:

This is the guy with like 64k catchs

yeah hes the mod bub

69k fish

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