Trading Sunken Sword for 6 seasonals

Easter seasonals = I’m ignoring you
Looking for at least 2 pumpkin heads
DM me Hyperion#4106

6 kings eggs?

mate you cant even trade easter seasonals for another 4 weeks unless im misremembering horribly so idk whats the point of not wanting them in the first place

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How about for 2 alchemy eggs?

I love when people don’t read even when I put no Easter seasonals in bold. Humanity has no hope

what about two rock salts and 20 galleons? id say thats a pretty fair trade


I love when people have no sense of humor. Humanity has no hope.

Where the funny

exactly what he thinks when anybody around him laughs

I’ll give you a sand dollar for that sunken thingamajig

Like TheRussianLanguage said, whats the point in saying this? Do people unironically offer them for sunkens? (Doubt). People cant even trade them away rn anyways. Honestly by saying that youre just asking to be trolled :sob:

i dont think that a sunken is worth 6 seasonals

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think again

does anyone know what a sunken sword is worth now?
im trying to trade mine

I don’t think 6 seasonals is worth a sunken

sunken worth more than 6?

like 4 seasonals

tbh this entire thread is full of dumbassery

They do because they stupid af. Bro I swear they get their education from Chernobyl bro

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Correct. It’s not worth a sunken. It’s worth a sunken sword