Trading Sunken sword, Multiple seasonals, Multiple rare/enchantment scrolls


the minimum for the sunken sword offers is a full sunken set (chestpiece,boots,helmet) afhnd#2127 (if iam not responding iam busy or asleep)

How about a bursting scroll + power scroll for 600 galleons?

Can I do a scimitars of storm for the storm caller I spent about 2 hours farming Elius and couldn’t get a single stormcaller

mb but i cant do that one

if the galleons are your side of the offer then nty

In that case could I do a few clean carina pieces for your strong scrolls

not really lf carina drops rn

How about cernyx pieces?

i don’t think i would give strong scrolls for that either

what would i have to offer for that white hallowed

i don’t really know but since i have bias towards it i would defintely overprice it

alright, may come back and offer later though im unsure if i will

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ok :nod:

Sorry, but… What “nty” means?

And the galleons are my side.

It means no thank you

Sunken sword being worth 10 months of rent when its only viable on 4-5 magics on conjurer

Check the patch notes lately ? (that google doc about 1.12 i think)

it’s still not worth the value because it’s just an extra jump with meh aoe, only viable on 5 magics on conjurer still

Viability is not the only thing to keep in mind when setting values up or else headless would be worth 5 golden arrows :skull:

Not to mention that this had always been sunken sword’s downgraded value since the game dropped (it was worth way more in wom). if you were to say that it should drop more so should the other sunken pieces which would not change its price except from a seasonal standpoint (went from like 30+ to 10 when AO dropped)