Trading Sunken Swords

x4 Sunken Sword Swords

Sunken Helm

Light Arcsphere [Strong 120]

Mlf sunken set for one of my sunken swords.
You can either dm me on discord (Conq#3471) or just comment below an offer.

Mummy set for a sunken sword?
(Sorry, I don’t know much about values n’ all, I apologise if this is a underpay.)

No thank you. It’s a fair bit underpay, but here’s the list I have formulated whilst trading that should help you out in future endeavours.
Sunken Helm - 3 Seasonals
Sunken boots - 4 Seasonals
Sunken Chestplate - 5 Seasonals
Sunken Sword - Anywhere from 8-10 Seasonals.
If you are also trying to trade Seasonals for galleons, I’ve seen people buy them for as much as 20k per.
This might not being 100% correct, but it’s what I have formulated myself whilst trading.
Have a wonderfull day <3

Thanks brother, appreciate the guidance you gave me. Enjoy your day too.

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