Trading Sunkens and boss items, You wont regret clicking on this

Clean mino axe
Swift Oathkeeper
Strong sunken helm
Bursting sunken chest
Bursting sunken helm
Clean Chest
Clean sunken pants
Forceful sunken helm
Exiled Leggins
Wall of jericho
Exiled Chest
Mino Chest x2
Mino Boots x3

Dm me my tag is Bugzy#0890

I also have:
Clean wizard robe x20+
Clean wiz pants x20+
clean wiz hat x10+
Full hard set wizard armour
15+ seasonal items
Bal: 2K
1K fish bait

Please tell me you fell off a building and your brain somehow fell out.

What for the Strong Sunken Helm?

and can u dm me instead

ill offer 300 crowns and a Exiled Chestplate for any of the boss weapons

i have lvl 60 exiled helm level 80 exiled chest and the two seasonal items, ill give you those for the swift oathkeeper. (all have no enchants)

nty sorry…

eh nty soz

I’ll buy that oath keeper with an entire mino set with weapon and a sunken set. All are clean

Destructive Sunken Chest and a Clean Mino Helm for a axe or a sunken sword?

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