Trading sunkens, some exotic scrolls & more

3x Virtrous enchant scroll
2x Warship enchant scroll
1x Atlanthean essence
1x atlanthean arcsphere
1x interchange potion
1x Strong sunken boots
1x Sunken chestplate
1x Sunken helmet
2x uppercut
1x javelin
1x vatrachos helmet
2x dark bronze boots
2x dark bronze chest
1x dark bronze helmet
2x ardent enchant scroll
3x enhanced enchant scroll
1x dense enchant scroll
5x charged enchant scroll
1x tempered enchant scroll
3x reinforced enchant scroll
3x hasty enchant scroll

edit : sunken helmet got traded away

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How much for the sunken chest and helm?

Offer (not accepting galleons)

Sunken boots and sunken helmet for a sunken sword?

good offer but ill pass

and if i add prometheus acrimonyt

Don’t want anything to do with acrimony. its value is crashing

mmh, what other things do you need?

nothing in particular

would you take an uppercut

And this trade ?

1 sunken sword + easter lamterns
-------------------- for --------------------
sunken boots + sunken helmet

u will get the deal if u make it a halloween seasonal instead :mariomug:

I haven’t halloween seasonal

got many of those
and its better to stay with a variety

i will try to get some of them

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