Trading Swift min boots and Clean min boots for 4000-5000 crowns

My discord user:
Also trading Swift Min boots Clean Min boots and 2020 4th of july hat for any kind of sunken sword (BESIDE HARD)


I’m sorry but this isn’t worth a sunken sword of any kind.
I’m guessing your thought process here was “event item worth lots!” right? Sadly not all event items are worth a lot. The only valuable event item is a headless head. That can get you a sunken sword. Any others are just little adds you can add to a trade here on the forums to spice up the trade.

And trading clean and swift mino boots for crowns? That’s a first. Though, to try not to get you scammed, I will say, that you are offering a legendary deal. Due to crowns being worth practically nothing due to code abusing. You’re basically giving these away for free! Though, mino armour drops aren’t worth as much value wise. So I can kind of say that it’s an alrightish trade.

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