Trading swift oathkeeper for any sunken sword

not looking for a specific enchant, just want a sunken sword

don’t know much about trading, but idk if people are gonna trade you for a sunken sword since boss drops are getting removed in tgr

oh yeah i forgot about that

this is a massive underpay, a sunken sword is very rares and long story short this is a bad trade, swift on oath is a bad enchant and oath is not that rare while a sunken sword is rare.


bruh this trade is so bad…

its not even bad
this is a straight up scam

HUGE underpay, already stated by forumers above. you’d need boss drops of the twenties to obtain one, perhaps more if you’re willing to go beyond pay

a hard SS is worth a hell of a lot; albeit will dip in value as AO releases

Wdym lol? Hard ss is being changed to bursting, the value will go up nonetheless

sorry I don’t check updates that often anymore

its alr no need to be sorry

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