Trading swift ss for strong ss

Values aside cus strong ss should worth more, it’s down to personal preference. Swift for lower stamina cost upon using Q skill and strong for higher damage.

And you tried to clown me for giving a good offer for headless… Your going to get burned alive by the traders lmao

past is in the past mate. I may not be serious in the past but so what? I treat this trade as a serious one

this is just horrible. why would someone trade their strong ss (worth way more )
for a swift ss when they can receive a swift + plus more things? lol

pretty much everybody uses a strong ss over a swift ss if they have one
even though swift is slightly better, people prefer strong because, well, its strong
add more sunkens.

:pensive: TAT I have nothing else to add

then why post this? no one is going to give you a super high value item for a lower item value with no adds.

  • ( some people may do in some cases but when its trades like this its super obvious that a strong ss is worth WAY more then a swift ss. )

its literally the basics of trading

that’s why I said values aside, well maybe even no one prefer swift.
Wait hey why am I denying my own trade

stop fighting with him i think he gets it

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not fighting but ok

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Because its trash

Even if someone with a strong sunken sword wanted a swift one they’d obviously want adds for it?? I don’t understand this post

idk man you still seem like your past self

an absolute joke in the marketplace :troll:


rusty can for strong ss :niceman:

i suggest you watch this video


You not recovering from this one.

is it weird that i actually watched that entire video?

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all of you shut up :skull:

Everyone is such a sussy Baka :trolling: