Trading swift ss

hello, my names vital or ‘frez’

i’m trading a level 70 swift SS for other sunkens

I do not know what i want so pretty much just send offers even if its good or bad (not like 1 boss drop type bad)
Discord: vital#8335


i know that, just giving more information.

now that codes are gone levels might mean something to some people

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if crowns are a genuine concern to anyone that’s pretty concerning, outside of new players it is not that hard to get. Fish for it, chest farm, boss farm, all the above. I made a bank for my alt and filled both it and my on-hand crowns up while trying to get legendary hero. Definitely not the hardest but I can see why with codes being gone that it’ll be harder.

Yes but they all take time no? I never understood the ‘levels mean nothing’ movement. Even if codes were active it still represents time and effort and I would much rather get a lvl 90 item than a lvl 60.

They do, but most that play WoM do those things anyways.

if you guys r gonna have side convos pls talk about it somewhere else im trying to trade my item lol

Idk if this is worth but im willing to trade a clean sunken boot with 4 more other dirty sunken armour pieces a heavy woj and heavy oath

good enchant boss drops and a bunch of seasonals

Ghost you are in poverty

3 seasonals :sunglasses:

strong oath, vastira, strong mino chest, mino helm, mino boots(all should be strong enchanted last I check)


too lazy to grind for sunken gear, but I’m starting to get some motivation

not worth sorry

not worth

currency isnt worth a sunken bud lol

a headless head for ur entire inventory

my inventory consists of headlesses so why would you trade me 1 for 2