Trading these stuff, looking for headless (got sunken stuff) milkman#9278

4 strong vastiras
2 swift vastiras
1 hard vastira
3 clean vastiras

1 strong oathkeeper
1 swift oathkeeper
2 clean oathkeepers

15 clean mino chestplate
6 clean mino legs

1 powerful exiled legs
4 clean exiled legs
1 hard exiled legs

5 clean exiled chest
3 bursting exiled chest
1 forceful exiled chest

7 clean mino helmets
2 clean exiled helmets

3 clean sunken swords
1 clean sunken helmet
1 clean sunken chest
1 nimble sunken chest
1 sunken legs
(all stored in an alt so i dont get people asking me for stuff lol)

damn thats some good shit right there

Just ask them back until they leave ez

I just continuously give them shit offers like crowns, old boots, arrows, and low level junk items until they stop (and i also dont accept or decline their trades so they cant spam me back)

all ur sunkens yay

2 ss, whole unechanted sunken armor set

I’ll do the trade add me back cl34cc#1567

you need to pick some items first from his inventory lol

I’m getting him to add me on discord so we can discuss

alr add me milkman#9278

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