Trading x5 Atlantean Essence for x1 headless

trading above, user ingame: supersoldier947ii, feel free to add

fair warning that nobody will even humor you

lol thanks i’ll heed this warning

Bro :sob::sob:

i cant tell if hes being serious or not

“feel free to add” is wild though

As a rule of thumb, headless isn’t really worth giving away for items that can be obtained through reasonable grinding. In the ever-evolving Arcane meta, most items in-game will slowly lose value as the game is updated. Seasonals are the exception, as they gain value as time goes on. Thus, you’ll generally want to hang onto them unless you absolutely do not want it. In which case I would recommend trading it for sunkens or other items that are truly difficult to obtain.

dark sea is such a stormy and dark place!

This is also ignoring the fact that the atleatean-virtous combo just got destroyed making essences almost useless now.

quick add atlantean on your virtuous pieces QUICKKK it’s not like they’re gonna just remove it and you don’t get your atlantean essence back right?

That is literally exactly what Vetex is doing.

Dawg, unless you managed to sneak an ancient magic from the future and players could use it, then you aren’t getting a serious offer from anyone :skull:

ancient arcanium magic i got arcsphere and ram of it for trade i am willing to add that on the side

I’ll chop one of your files heads off does that count?

hey guys i got this doohickey called a gleepsnorp cannon it does 90000 damage per cannonball and has aoe the size of ravenna

umm i only got 1 file and it’s missing its head currently so all good man

image for reference pls?

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