Transform sunken iron armour

Sunken iron armour should be changed to look like the titanium armour (exiled set)
You have a really cool sunken sword that goes with what would be a really lame armour set if it weren’t for the colour change.

i mean
its literally the sunken iron armor
could have a better model but ideally dont reuse a model represented by a different metal in the same game

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add barnacles, cracks, seaweed!!!


Yeah but why does it have to be sunken iron armour. That’s so underwhelming for something with a 1/2000 drop rate. Could at least have it be its own model like you said or else have it be called just Sunken armour. Like how the sword isn’t called sunken iron sword it’s just called sunken sword

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depends when the next sunken set is coming but you got a point