Transparency based joke

Everybody knew it was coming.


This is so beautigul Tobiemoji_mist

Sounds of shattering glass


No I don’t think you made yourself clear. (Canon shattering glass noises)

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i remember thinking how funny it would be that when he hits the ground in AO, he just shatters and dies.


Just a cool-ass intro and then shatters into a million pieces.

Let me be clear

i think the pun is clear here.

what is this from

In the new Arcane Odyssey trailer there’s a character that appears for like 5 seconds, which displays a transformation that makes him translucid
Its debatable whether it’s a curse user or not, and if it’s the former then it can be questioned whether it’s the ice or glass curse user.
Either way, he becomes transparent.

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  1. its glass curse (ice looks different)
  2. its probably a curse user that helps the final boss of the bronze sea

thanks :heart:

more info for the ao wiki eh?

haha nah was just curious since I only skimmed thru the video

man fighting this guy is probably gonna be a pane in the ass

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I will draw vetex like this.

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I assumed it some sort of Cloud or Steam/Vapor curse seeing as he came from the sky

Could be something based on an unreleased Lost magic

This panes me to see. It’s very clearly the glass curse, not shard to see at all. I don’t know how much more transparent vetex could have been with it.

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