Triasta ability

I feel like Imbueng ethereal flash would be a bit weird. If it’s already imbued with aether magic then it shouldn’t also be imbued with whatever you magic is? Maybe vetex could make it one of those weapons that only warriors can use. But this would then conflict with the items description, that says it is made of an arcanium alloy, so therefore it would be an arcanium weapon.

Basically vetex forgor

Arcanium isn’t restricted to one magic.
It can channel several at once, as seen with Apotheosis, Theos’ staff.
It had all three of his magics, Phoenix, Sun, and Fire.
Unless the Triasta has already reached the Singularity stage, conjurers will be able to use it just fine.

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you can imbue sunken weapons

hmmmm yeah, vetex should make triasta of bronze warrior only!

noncanon now i believe, there’s only regular arcanium and weapons that channel magic on their own (exalted)

lame, arcanium weapons used to be cool why’d he neuter them

they still are dawg, white fire sword (that generates white fire) is still canon and so is yellow laser bracelet (that generates the yellow laser)

crystal imbued triasta is gonna go wild :scream:

or ash imbued maybe since the charred effect petrifies… :thinking:

waah waah i want SINGULARITY - :baby:

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isn’t it warrior only rn?