True value of items

what “worthless” items are worth more than they are show to be?
some things that matter in that case:

  1. location restrictions
    1.1 how hard the location is to access
  2. how rare it is
  3. it’s wideness of use
    3.1 how useful its actually is

sky pumpkins

can be easily farmed but still have a price

may i ask you to bring up arguments to defend your pint, good sire?

people need food, sky pumpkins make good meals and are easier to get than fish, but they are still annoying to grind
it’s just supply and demand

there is no such nonsense as “supply and demand” from NPCs

Interchange Aura
Same functionality as gel but super expensive due to there being almost none of them (everyone was making gels back when it was possible to, not auras)
(collector’s item now, even though it’s literally the same as a gel

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my one:

Horizon rosemary

grows exclusively on skycliff island, which requires climbing the stepstones and flying to the island on an skyship, grow often (i think), atleast
i’d say somewhere about 15-25 galleons of value

orange swiftcap

currently grows only in sky island caves, again, stepstones climbing required, but unlike horizon rosemary, its not limited to an single sky island, so i’d say 15 galleons of value

Its not, gel is a better version of aura utility wise

Technically, you could say aura is better bc u can reset urself as well as all the other people that u want

The value of items is whatever the average player will pay for them.


despite bones being uber common, you will never see anyone with high jewelcrafting sell em

crafting gems with bones into perfect jewels is an easy way to make money

Just use an acrimony or an interchange pot if you want to reset yourself. Its way cheaper afterall

Gels can reset way more people than auras btw so thats why its objectively better

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Hi ill gladly sell them

I cba crafting jewels for money when so many better money methods exist

*anyone who isn’t alr super rich ig

Even if you arent super rich or even rich, it still isnt that effective of a money grinding method. Youre better off joining luck 5 parties and doing some diving

Is luck five fishing not better?

Nope, diving is better. The only thing youre missing with diving is pity but the chances of getting sunkens are more in your favour and you get a decent amount of money from chests, possibility of an acrimony (or multiple) and all the trash gear you get will sell for like 30k+. Only problem with diving is finding a good route, having little to no competition (cant really have more than 3 people diving in the same server) and having a proper diving set

You can get sunkens from underwater chests?

yes, and lost cargo is considered an underwater chest

Damn i’ve been sleeping on cargo I usually only get it when my ship is damaged