Trust Level bug?

I’m trying to reply to a topic on a shop, and it says I need trust level 1, and I need to read the forums for 5 minutes. However I have that, and 2h of read time, so is it a glitch? Or do I need to do something that I’m overlooking.

You also need to reply to 5 different topics for TL1, you can find the full requirements for all Trust Levels here:

Oh okay, thank you

Shouldn’t this topic be in #site-feedback?

Oh, oops

Also, I have all the requirements and I have the PM for trust level 1, I can talk everywhere else, just not #marketplace:shops for some reason

Yeah, you’re right. I misinterpreted “enter 5 topics” as “reply to 5 topics”.

Idk what’s that about #marketplace:shops, I’ll see about that.

Don’t they need TL2 for that?

I think its TL1, It said I needed one trust level to talk, and if I read forums for 5 minutes it’ll give me access

It’s a lie I experienced the same thang, you just need to active a little and get TL2. (This was a somewhat recent change I think)

Could be just that, but I’m not sure about the exact reqs for #marketplace:shops either.

Ah okay, I’ll check the requirements for TL2 then

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