Trying to find money sinks

I’m currently sitting on about 50k between my clan bank and what I’m carrying on me, and that’s not including the mass amounts of dark sea armor and exotic gemstones that I’m not sure how to approach selling or trading, what should I do with all of it?

For those curious about my statistics

As for the amount I have on hand, I’m the owner of a Rookie clan and have a full clan bank (25k) and at this immediate moment have 28934 galleons on me

Keep. Deckhands update will come out soon, and they are probably going to cost crazy amounts of galleons AND gems or whatever.
btw no idea what “soon” is, hopefully this weekend.

honestly considering that deckhands need tier 1 gemstones I’ve been considering spending some money to trade for as many of them as I can

id just store it and keep it on a file that you dont use often or put it in another friends clan bank if they have the space

IF you do want to spend it tho I’d recommend mostly just lowballing with them in in-game trading for any goods you’re interested in (buying thru marketplace is both not that common and can be expensive)

the profits continue

all of this is me

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damn you’re rich

ive got a friend richer than me, she’s got 250k total

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still on top of a 50k bank

help no matter what I do I keep getting richer and richer what’s the fastest way to wash this down a sink

give them all to me :3

Buy 500000cooking ingredients and accessories and armor
Also scam people by offering a lot of money for
something valuable

what will you use it on

nothing, i just like hoarding :nod:

inside you are 2 dragons
one hoards knowledge, the other, trinkets
both are very excitedwhen you go to a museum


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