Trying to make the worst possible build

So, I’ve been thinking about this for a bit.

150 vitality
29 magic
52 strength
19 weapon

This leaves me with only Blast and Crash as attack options.

Now… what magics do I pick?
I’ll be awakening a second magic, because having a second style forces Boxing, which gives the passive bonus.

Something with a bad Blast attack. Slow but also not heavy-hitting. Ideas?

go ice as your first magic

and then for your second, go ash magic

(I think that’s pretty bad ngl idk)

I was thinking Wood tbh. Maybe get one of those variations nobody ever picks.

Crash is too good for movement. Invest more into magic because while a self-AOE ability is good, I honestly don’t think it’s that good at a certain point.

wood hits pretty hard ngl

wait did ice get buffed?

What level does placed explosion unlock at?

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I think 20?

base explosion unlocks at 30. I could see placed being unlocked at 50, which is bad for us. weapons have to stay at 19 or they’ll become too good

yes, it’s damage is now 0.95x from 0.925x

wood and wind
underrated and annoying

won’t be suggesting opposite magics “cuz obviously they’re litterally unplayable”

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you have old weapon Q skills :skull:


First Magic fire second Magic water

Try boxing for fighting style. It has cool gloves and block but it’s sadly ass, fun though (coming from a dude who used them for like, 90% of the game)

You shouldve gone juggernaut with 150 vit since you deal even less damage

Glass and wood savant.

250 vitality gg ez

A slow and weak magic like ash would work

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Excuse me… Weak? Ash? Wtf…