Trying to solve Dark Sea island generation

Title (topic made to understand/try to guess how Dark Sea island generation works)
Since i have to go to bed I won’t propose my guess on that

Throw your theories I guess


is my guess

vetex probably looks down upon the players from roblox studio and builds them in real time
would explain why i can’t seem to fucking find any these days


to many variables but likely spaced out depending on zone, island size, and distance from other islands


Peak arcane odyssey is seeing your friends fly off your boat after passing by a tornado and that one unlucky friend who constantly gets smited by zues :pinched_fingers::sob:

I think it goes roughly like this:

  1. Island decides it’s size, there are 3 options: small , medium, large

  2. Island picks shape, pretty sure there are also only 3: donut, half ring and multiple islands (generally 3 i think?)

  3. Island decides on its biome, there’s a lot of em and i don’t think i need to list em

  4. Foliage parts are generated, such as grass, trees, rocks etc

  5. Structures, caves and enemies load in

I sail around and then islands appear ez

they are on the wiki right here.

LMAO just noticed that the images are the old patreon leaks if you look at their name

No but
The process of generation

it generates around you i guess

Honestly what’s the guaranteed way to get islands is go east which is weird

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