Turning off destruction for good-reps inside of towns (Suggestion)

Similar to the reputation shield for PVP, good-reps should be unable to destroy buildings inside of towns. (There can be an option in settings that disables this).

Often, when fighting bad guys in towns, I’ll accidentally hit King Silver’s castle and end up with a >100 crown fine. Sometimes, the magic council will destroy buildings inside of a town. Often, when fighting King Silver, he will end up destroying his own castle.

Disabling destruction for good-reps (both players and npcs) in towns will make fighting much easier and will lessen collateral damage.


That would work, I sometimes fight criminals in Summer Hold and I always destroy something

probably its something that happen like with protector that stop you from hitting good reps
maybe this can be something for 1500 rep (Saint) not actually achivable with current quests

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Only issue is that there’s no way to get from good rep to bad rep

finally a way to stop my 1 crown fine for using a magic jump

This would make sense because once we get past that our base destruction would be pretty high, even with low destruction magic it’d be hard. The hero npcs talk about fines quite a bit, we may not get saint rep for a while, probably not until the next class.

This is probably to prevent people from nuking low level villains with magic before they even cause a threat.

The whole point is that you’re not meant to fight in towns, unless someone’s causing threat in them.

i disagree with this idea, destruction should still happen and thats what discourages good rep players from fighting within towns. this isnt the case for when theres a threat caused though, since good rep players dont get fined for destruction during a threat

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i think you forgot about private storages

oh yea those exist nvm

This is a good idea, but if damage is only client side still, a bad rep player could destroy some stuff to get a hiding place that you can’t even get to

no fun cause that means I can’t see king silver destroy his own home :pensive:

There can be an option in settings to turn of destruction shield and pvp shield

There’s a reason why good rep players and NPCs can destroy stuff without fines during threats, its so that they can actually get to the criminal. If NPCs didn’t destroy buildings, they would just get stuck behind a wall and not be able to reach the criminal (even with custom routes, they can still get stuck, like how King Silver sometimes gets stuck on the castle wall crenellations).

If there was not a threat in the town, then there is no reason to fight them. Although sometimes they can go undetected, usually when criminals actually do bad things (like kill NPCs or rob private storage) is when the threat initiates. No threat means they are most likely not doing anything wrong, even still bounty hunters and magic council will go after them so there is no reason to fight criminals until they start a threat.

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if you get jailed enough for not paying fines your rep will become low enough to take bad rep quests

First of all, King David Silver has destroyed his own castle every single time I’ve fought him. Once, he got stuck under rubble, making it easy to kill him with placed explosions. NPC’s can be stuck whether or not they can destroy buildings.

Second, even if there isn’t a threat, I sometimes cast spells by accident or use a high jump spell. A single blast attack on the Summerhold castle can get you a >100 crown fine.

Third, the ability to destroy stuff without fines during threats is often abused. If the destruction shield was added, there would be no need for it.

Just be careful and don’t destroy stuff. wanna magic jump click space then the magic jump hotkey and boom u don’t get a fine

Unequipping your magic while in town would be a good way to avoid accidentally triggering spells

I think there should be a way to turn off the reputation shield to kill NPCs even if you are good rep. That would allow good rep people to get to bad rep more quickly if they wanted to but also allow people to [kill the NPCs who won’t let you finish their quest because they are glitched]