Two new Quartermasters

So, since Arcane Odyssey’s release, we have had a grand total of two quartermasters: Nicholas Flammel, and Tumblr Sexyman. And don’t get me wrong, these two are great (Ruby would murder me horrifically if I said otherwise), that said, what if we had more?

Thus, I introduce to you two new Quartermasters, one who is familiar, and one who I made up on the spot for this. Both well-suited for highly marketable plushies and for simpery, as were the original Quartermasters.

This is also my first piece of art in the Official Art Category. I may or may not be posting more depending on whether or not I can overcome my laziness to draw on both paper and on digital (maybe I should learn to just use the iPad instead of doubling the time spent because I have to sketch it first). And if you wanna see more of either of these two, just say so.

Edit: Oh, and as always, constructive criticism is welcome and encouraged.


Oh yeah and uhhh, the stats/abilities are maaaayyybbbeee balanced. Idk, I kinda just compared them to Edward and Enzior and winged it. Note that Caesennia, as an uncommon Quartermaster, cannot call out approaching waves like Edward can.


Stats if it’s too difficult for you to read the text boxes (sorry, there’s a 4MB upload limit so I couldn’t enhance the quality).

Dame Caesennia of Ravenna

Level 140, uncommon Quartermaster
2,310 HP
+550 Ship Defense
+300 Ram Strength
+10% Sail Endurance

  • This means you ship starts to slow at 50% HP instead of 60%. Note that this was a scrapped stat, which you can find on the wiki.

When the player is level 140, the Dame will offer a new challenge with her improved skill. If the player wins, she will offer to leave Ravenna and join the player’s crew.

Garwine, Abandoned Siren

Level 100, rare Quartermaster
1,570 HP
+100 Ship Defense
+200 Magic Storage
Feature: Garwine has a special Siren’s song which will provide the player a buff when they take down an NPC ship. The player can select one of three for her to use (by talking to her), though this must be done prior to sinking the ship.

  • Song of Defiance: 15% Damage Reduction.
  • Song of Courage: +15% damage dealt by skills.
  • Song of Survival: Grants Regeneration 1.

Can be found at a 1/20 chance on islands in damage 2 (insanity 1) of the Dark Sea. She will join your crew upon being rescued.


love the concept for Garwine, tho i cant think on a lore reason for why she would be an abandoned siren therefore low chances of getting added (if vetex sees this even, idk) great art nonetheless, your style reminds me of Pox for some reason, probably just me


I was considering having her just be human—she’d have killed a Siren and fooled the others for a month before being left to die on an island. Kinda right in that the lore doesn’t really match.

If I draw her more, I’ll think up a proper, coherent backstory.

I start everything with traditional art as I haven’t learned to properly do digital alone yet (smooth iPad screen + plastic stylus = no surface friction), perhaps that’s why?

need more women on this crew ONG

wed have the best tea parties in between ramming straight into pirate ships :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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You’d invite British women onto your ship?



please vetex give us more qmaster slots, i’d hate to have to choose. anyways, garwine could totally have an ability to guide you directly towards siren rocks, it’d be cool for each quartermaster to have a unique ability like this

One question? Is there a lore reason why did Dame Caesennia seem to go on an odyssey with the MC?

hey who knows, we left ravenna in a crisis

surely revon is cracking under the pressure of grief, he’s most likely to take the throne after calvus’ sons after all

Tho… I suppose, female quartermaster isnt a bad idea

550 durability, instantly going on my ship. (Sorry Enizor)

finally, Siren NPC

She’s literally known as the “Bored Centurion”, she mentions that she hates bothering to get all armed and armored only to catch like pickpockets and the like. While leaving Ravenna may seem a bit much, we already have one Quartermaster who left a military out of disagreement with it. This wouldn’t exactly be new.

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The Dame is intended to have good stats and that’s it. I figured that as an inexperienced sailor and with no other profession besides being a soldier, her stats should be mostly combat related.