Ugliest avatar I've ever seen

gotta show off the animated faces feature

it’s kinda creepy whenever they blink

They really do remove the personality of their account.
boi they sure has gone far

im sorry if this is a hot take, but i dont think this avatar isnt really bad. atleast it isnt rthro.


bro took “ur a bot :robot:” to a literal level


ngl I’ve seen worse

This isn’t really even top 10 ugliest, the guy just looks like a hackers alt or some NPC

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9 million followers and no drop :sob:

Some say that it’s a good thing that atleast the avatar isn’t rthro, which is true, but I still find that inexcusable as to why a multi-billion dollar company would comprehend selecting such a joy-sucking avatar such as this one. When I look at this avatar, I don’t think about Roblox as a platform or the fun of playing a Roblox game, I think about how sorry of a life that avatar must’ve been through to look like that. The previous avatar wasn’t anything special, but atleast you could tell that it represented Roblox in some way. This thing makes you wonder if someone hacked their account and took off all the accessories.

It’s bland, it’s boring, it’s depressing to look at, and it fails to acknowledge the platform it represents even though that is what it was created to do.


Remember what they took from you

nah this goes hard they’re rocking that 2011 default avatar drip

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they should put a hat on it

so its a perfect representation of the platform


It can not look worse than my egirl lookin ass avatar

It looks so fucking soulless

mfs took my PERSONALITY
can’t have shit in roblox

How has roblox gone from this

To this?

The whole platform has become soulless

this shouldve been a roblox noob

Roblox changing their avatar on the site to this is very symbolic of how much a soulless corporation with no motives other than pandering to their investors they’ve become.

looks better than 90% of the ao characters i see

how the fuck is it soulless y’all just be saying anything :sob: