Uh oh suncry

Screenshot 2022-02-08 201723
Suncry no longer a superior guild


Suncry is still #1 though.

its superior


gained back 4 infamy in about 10 minutes
lbs are never accurate because they wack


welp for a second there.

Ghost let you kill him or he actually was lagging. Either way was nice to see while it lasted

he was actually lagging
not letting some bozo bad pvp guild leader keep superior away after it took me two months to get


Can’t wait to see some guilds in AO. Hopefully but doubtfully i hope their guild communities can sustain a good profile

dnc omega >

Curious whats your discord



Why do you need to know my discord. Also please get rid of my nickname lmao

Imagine being so fucking bored and your life having so little meaning that you brag about getting virtual internet points that reset soon.

Isn’t he the same guy that doxxes people btw why the fuck is he not banned yet?

Oh but let’s ban the guy who copy pastes a tnt recipe from 4chan (THAT DOESNT EVEN FUCKING WORK FYI) from the game. And not the guy who tries to catch actual human beings locations and can possibly leak it to anyone anywhere.

Was this directed at me?

Did I reply to you???

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pro tip: there are no good guilds

POV: you are a pve player and didn’t like the fact that guilds had an incentive to murder people

Minor guilds are chill. I can’t say the same with all the major guilds like Doge Nation. but roselight is chill

what the fuck is doge nation

Anyways ain’t this your leader?

Some guild made by a dumbass that duped and shit. Pvpers like Xev and brady are there.

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