Ultimate Fodder

an entire fishing file he tryna be alex :sob:

nah he clearly wasn’t only gishing, you can reach 44k is WAY less than 4k hours, 500+ at max

Oh… its not me

they are pve but still LOL

Macroer of the sea :speaking_head: :speaking_head: :crown: :crown: :fleur_de_lis: :crown: :sailboat: :fishing_pole_and_fish: :fishing_pole_and_fish: :fishing_pole_and_fish: :heart_eyes: :cold_face: :cold_face:

It’s bait or be baited, and you didn’t master bait enough :smoking:

Nah you could catch 500k+ in that time

Sad thing is that he caught 50K fishies before getting reported once for macrofishing

Apparently he’s confirmed to be fishing legitimately now but who knows, the recent updates pretty much made it easier to macrofish in any hiding spot. It doesnt help that I found 5 macrofishers in 3 days all in ravenna as well, imagine the vast spots that the dark sea gives

I find macroers at Ravenna every day

He just macros hours now instead of macrofishing, pretty much he’s your average player if he didnt leave his pc with something to prevent him getting kicked

Pretty much his other stats checked out. A normal 1K+ hour player wouldnt have that low stats

Yikes. Let’s just pray that Atlantean ships showed up right as they left the macro to work.

Easy to counter that along with lightning strikes and water poisoning. All you need is to find a tall island with holes at the side in range 1, let your boat sail indefinitely so that players wont know there’s a player there and you’re all set

They’re mostly located in the north dark sea so it’s easy to spot ngl since I found 2 of them

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I once found this guy’s ship just sitting there in the middle of the ocean, near a dive spot. I go near it the ship and say “hi” to try and strike up a conversation, but nothing. I got scared by the silence and lack of a response so I left.

However, my curiosity got the better of me and I returned back, saying “hi” again, nothing, I left the area again.

For the third time I came back, and I drank a revealing potion to see if he was even there, he wasn’t, not even in the diving spot.

He wasn’t in the dark sea or anything at all either.
I sailed away in fear not knowing where this fishing menace was.

On a related note, he finally got master angler? Last time I checked he had only expert, is he the first one to get the title legit?

“legit” he macroed