Umbralis: The Dark Fortress


There is this game on Roblox I play a lot called TRIA.os. It’s a parkour game with fast, intense and fun gameplay, sorta like Flood Escape 2. I’ve enjoyed the game enough that I started to learn how to use Roblox Studio and make some maps on it.

It was about 3-ish months ago when an announcement came, to make an easy map to be added onto the map list, since a lot of the current maps are pretty hard for newer players. And there were other rewards such as up to 7k robux and a role on the Discord server.
I was pretty determined to win, as I planning to make a timeline of maps in the future, the robux would help for getting some of the audio onto roblox and I would get noticed by the community. Problem being, I had made 2 maps and had no skill in detailing unlike other makers. But I was determined nonetheless.

Here it is after months of work. Umbralis.


After months of work, the results came in. Unfortunately, I lost. But there was a silver lining. I was noticed by the community, and even a developer said they liked my map, the developer being the most known developer in the community. Of course I needed to work on my details. But in the end, I’m happy.

Some images


what is tria.os about

wait a minute is this flood escape

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oh my god it is

The game split off from FE2 due to arguments between them and Crazyblox.
They make the game more community friendly than FE2.
There are even top map makers like Ethan76167 and Enszo on the team.

ah, i see.

i like the music…

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here’s the tower of the next map I’m working on, which comes before Umbralis chronologically