Uncharted Islands

Uncharted Islands
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ok so hear me out

what if, to promote exploration, some islands straight up do not appear on the map until you’ve reached it (as in there are no clouds or anything in it’s position on the map, it appears to just be a stretch of ocean)

basically, instead of being covered by clouds until you find it, it doesn’t appear on the map until you find it

this idea is taken right out of Phantom Hourglass, where there were a few cool islands that aren’t on your map until you look at them, which prompts a brief cutscene and it gets put on your map

I feel like this would be great for exploration, as it would reward people trying to explore with a unique island


uncharted sky islands would be very cool, maybe having a water spout beneath them that is static to find them would be a cool way to reach them

reminds me of that special story island in sea of thieves, i liek

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