Underpowered or Underrated magics

What is your opinion on those magics or general thought about them
(Snow, Sand, Crystal, Wood and more)

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Being underrated not makes your magic look cooler or stronger



Only thing I’d have to say about them is I wished I seen them more. Sometimes I can forget Sand and Snow are magics just because I can go forever without seeing someone use them. Diversity would be nice but PvP sweats aren’t willing to use a magic that’s slightly worse than theirs for no reason, oh well.

All of them are fine as magics, just wish I seen them more by players.

i think i made my opinion on sand pretty clear


sunstone and citrine crystal arent underrated they just look bad, the only good looking crystal magic variants are the cool-color ones (besides emerald)

as for my thoughts on underrated magics ill put in a seperate post

i like sunstone :slight_smile:

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snow + sand: pretty good stats imo but just underrated because i guess people want the more interesting magics

wood: funny magic but the visuals kinda suck (blast is literally just an angled cube with the wood part texture)

earth: underrated i would say and i would use this but the speed is the killer for me; i already have an iron file to have to suffer with

i cant think of any other ones being underrated because most of them are generally overrated

mud magic is better


this is best everything else stinks


this made my day, thank you @ThatAsianInTheCorner

i’ve been using crystal since release just because i thought it looked kinda cool

Snow looks like ass.
Sand looks like ass.
Crystal visually should’ve looked awesome. It was mediocre and I was mad about it.
I will never take someone who unironically mains wood seriously. Never.

hello there :smiling_imp:

also sand looks good wdym

They did your magic wrong. Sand could’ve looked :fire:

It’s just recolored fog.

sand really does not look that bad though.

trust me, compared to “ugly” magics like earth (which yeah is really fucking ugly) and wood (makes me sad) sand and snow look REALLY GOOD.

and I feel like AO is just gonna make them look even cooler :sunglasses:

You could literally make both gray, remove their status effects and replace it with steamy and call it steam magic and nobody would say it doesn’t look like steam. It’s recolored fog.

Tbf doe none of wom magics are insanely visually appealing. except lightning fire and light