Underrated Random Gaem Talk

Rain World, though since Downpour released im not sure it’s underrated anymore. (On steam)

On Roblox, I’d say Starscape. Its pretty insane for a Roblox game.

i was obsessed for like 3 weeks love this game sm

Got a blaster bulwah (hull :on::top:)

not nearly enough people play this
i’m tired of fighting the same 30 The Strongest mains

A bit 3dgy but ok.

Can you blow them up? :pleading_face:

May get repetetiv but didnt play yet so im not gonna judeg.

Pou reference

Hämis hordes (Noita ofc)

Arcane Obessey before that one update

Seems okay, I don’t think it will be on top of my „i want this” list tho, ill check it out tho.

Has anybody even heard about Noita? I am yapping about it all the time but I havent met anybody who actually knows it. Best roguelike ive played so far.

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How does this gaem work?

It’s a turn-based fighting game, then at the end of the fight you get to watch it in real time and it looks cool.

Arcane Odyssey is a good one

self insert

some of yall are like “This is an underrated game!”:
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Hey look at this dubious red system a few jumps away from Citadel, I sure do hope nothing bad happens-

Cool game.

barlic gread aprov

bullet hell monday (mobile & pc)

not a pure bullet hell, more like 50/50 grinding and 100% challenges, though compared to the vast landfill that is the mobile gaming market it’s one hell of a gem and completely free