Underrated Roblox Games:Rise of Nations

Note:This will be my last game “review” before i’ll take a break from posting, which is when i’ll have to sadly end my daily posts, but oh well, christmas is christmas.

Rise of Nations is a Real-Time Strategy game where you rule one of the countries that you select, with some powerful ones being locked behind a exp requirement, just to prevent beginners from starting with the strongest countries in-game, there are many features in-game, such as Buildings, Military and it’s troop training system, generals, an Advanced Research System, Formables and lastly…Nukes, yes, you can craft nukes in-game, just be aware that it’s a ridicously hard process and requires you to be a pretty good strategist already.

Let’s talk about these mechanics, shall we?
Several Different Currencies and Resources in-game:

-Each Currency will be sub-categorized, due to them serving various roles in-game, and some are straight-forward to understand, while some are complicated to use, be aware that this game’s pretty hard at the beggining.

Money:Probably one of the most important currencies in-game, allowing you to develop your Nation, make a powerful army, trade resources etc. There are many resources of Money, such as:

-Taxation:You are capable of changing the tax you have in the Nation Menu, but high taxes may cause you to start losing stability, another important resource that i’ll talk about soon

-Resources:If you are desperate for money (which is unlikely, unless you are in a deficit or a debt, which i’ll mention those mechanics later), you can ask other players, or AI countries to sell your resources you earned from various sources, but it’s best to convert resources to products beforehand.

-Factory Production:The Best Early-game method to earning fat stacks of cash, that is because of a pretty powerful early-game strategy:Gold and Copper farms, and what does that make? Computer Parts, of Course! which can be manufactured in Factories, trade these with a player or AI Country to get fat stacks of cash, the more the merrier.

-War Reparations:Since i am not that good at the game, i am not sure myself if War Reparations are viable.You can ask a defeated country for War Reparations in the Peace Treaty, you can steal up to 25% of a Nation’s Income temporaily, This allows you to recover quicker after a war, if you somehow win one, that is.

-Seizing Treasury:Basically War Reparations, but you instantly steal a certain amount of the defeated country’s treasury, which can cripple your opponent temporaily, and allows you to instantly recover some money lost from the war, also acts as a good way to get money.

There are alot more ways to earn money in this game, but let’s move on to another Resource:

Stability:Probably the second most important Resource in the Game, which grants various positive benefits when it’s high, and causes negative benefits when low, High Stability speeds up the development of your country and prevents captured countries from declaring independence, it is recommended to keep your Stability high as to not cause problems with your Nation, or even cause it to break apart.

Unrest:An important negative resource that may be caused from long wars, rebel funding, and many other negative events.If unrest reaches a high value, you cannot build or make units in that specific city, Scorching (will talk about it later) a City causes it’s unrest to raise to 100% instantly, gradually decreasing to 0% when Scorching is about to expire.

Manpower:An Important resource used to recruit Infantry units used for war, the more population you have, the more manpower you gain per tick (i forgot how long a tick is in-game lol.), you can further speed up or increase the Manpower gain and Cap by having more population, buying recruitment centers etc.

Political Power:Another Resource that can be spent on changing your ideology, conscription laws, and more.Ideologies allow you to specialize in an certain aspect of your country, and require you to use alot of political power to switch between them.

War Exhaustion:A Negative resource that increases while in War, which will increase dramatically the more wars you are in and the longer it goes, so it’s best not to be in a War situation for too long, as it can cause your country to fall apart due to stability loss.

Okay, i think that’s enough about the basics of Resources, let’s talk about the Main Mechanics:

Building:Building allows you to make various buildings, such as Roads, Factories, and more.Cities can be developed to make them stronger, and allow your Nation to become slightly stronger with each development, just be aware that mass-development is very expensive at high levels.

Military:Military is the main way to becoming a powerful Nation, with various units, such as Infantry, Tanks, Planes, Naval Units, Etc. This allows you to make alot of various strategies due to the diverse amounts of unit types.

Unit Training:You can train your units, Increasing their upkeep, but makes them more experiences, making them stronger.However…they cannot be maxed with training and require them to defeat armies in battle to reach veterancy.

Generals:Generals can be recruited, which give various bonuses to Units, which can also be upgraded via Unit Training, however…sometimes, Generals can die due to certain events (yes, there are events in-game, but i won’t talk about them just so you can have a good experience with how chaotic the game gets.), which requires you to get another general, again…

Since this is already getting a little bit too long, and i assume barely anybody would want to read dictionary-long entries, i’ll start with some honorable mentions:

-Scorching:Scorching is a mechanic that allows you to destroy a city/capital of a captured city, increasing it’s unrest to 100% that gradually decreases to 0%.If a captured Country’s capital is scorched, then the Country you captured will gradually fall, this sounds like a toxic kid move…but if you want your enemy truly gone, either out of frustration…or just because they are too powerful to be left alive…scorching is the last option.

Formables:You though this game dosen’t have a meta? Here is the meta.Formables are Upgrades to Countries, which are very hard and tedious to get, but allows you to become much stronger after capturing the required countries, with a free 10% boost to stability, as long as you keep your formable alive.
Completing various formables rewards badges, titles and skins.

Puppeteering:Basically allows you to forcefully control a player’s country, while the victim is unable to do most Nation-based features, unless some other person frees it via Liberation war.Puppetting a country grants various benefits and features, such as:
-Forcing the current ideology you have into the victim country.

-You gain 20% of your puppet’s income as yours.

-The Puppet will join any wars you join in.


Nukes:Legalize Nuclear Bombs.Nukes are a extremely powerful, end-game weapon that can cripple countries hit by it, but are extremely expensive to make, requiring Uranium, a hard to find and scarce source, and many other resources to craft a nuke, which also requires you to enrich it for it to be able to be used for Nukes.

Nukes can be activated and shot toward a country, which will cause a massive explosion that will scorch the hit cities for a very long time, kills half of a city’s population (which cripples manpower), resets city tier to I, insta-kills all units that were in contact with the explosion, along with many other devastations, Nukes allow you to cripple a country, making it weaker and easier to invade.

To Start your Nuking bussiness, you first have to research the entire Nuclear Technology tree to be able to research, enrich uranium, and then craft nukes.

Woah, that was quite long, but i’ll suppose that’s all i’ll explain, the rest of the features will be left as a mystery for you to discover :fr:, here is the game link:

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they didnt think too much ab that name did they…

I am basically the best at this game ignore my 160k soldiers dying to an army less than half its size

I hear horror stories about how this game is played exclusively by sociopathic 12 year olds with no morals :skull:

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damn, glad i only play with Friends.

“this game takes so much strategy to play!” vs tank rush instant win

I play this game a lot, extremely easy

Only if your opponent is bad (they always are)

yes but they leave the game almost instantly when their internet isnt fast enough for them to pick germany
and the one sociopathic 12 year old who does get germany loses to any of their neighbors almost instantly (most of the time its experienced poland players)

is it true that if you pick france, germany will always attack you

the new player always pick germany under the assumption its super overpowered (its not, tank spam is extremely easy to defeat)

Why pick Germany when you can play as the USA :fireworks: :eagle: :us: :hamburger:

unlike germany, the us is actually overpowered as shit in this game
however it requires millions of xp to unlock and requires the slightest spec of sk*ll to actually win as :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:(not really but its a bit more complicated than make tanks and win)

Which forumer played this game and talked about it a lot last year or something? Adiris?

ill even make a guide on countries to play for new players on this game because im so good at it /s


1. South Africa
this is without a doubt the easiest country in the entire game to play, there are absolutely 0 threats remotely close to you, you start out with an extremely easy formable (who’s flag i am probably not allowed to post on this website) and every resource you could possibly want known to man, the perfect country to learn the mechanics as a beginner
2. Germany
Don’t let how often they get fucking bodied in a public server discourage you, Germany is still a powerhouse and very easy to win as. With the only 2 threats next to you being russia and united kingdom (who are usually both very bad at the game), germany is very good for learning how to attack properly. You start with a ton of income and 10 square cities meaning you can create 10 fucking tanks at once. You also have a very easy yet ridiculously broken formable known as the frankish empire, giving an astonishing 20% bonus to your ground troops :skull::skull:

3. Spain
Spain starts out with the easiest fucking formable known to man in the “Iberian union” (almost always gets formed within the first few months of the game). yet despite how fucking easy it is, it gives bonuses for some reason. beyond that, it also has 2 microstates to seize treasury from, meaning affording factories early game is not an issue at all, along with by far the easiest access to conquer north africa (and that juicy oil) out of any european nation in the game (besides turkey).

if you are new to the game, do not play these. you will probably lose
1. Poland.

i think you can guess why playing poland as a new player is not a good idea
it has many formables, but they are all batshit insanely difficult if you’re bad at the game because you almost always have to fight russia to form them
2. Kazakhstan
kazakhstan starts with the second most amount of resources in the game, behind russia
it is also inbetween china and russia
they will gank you, if you are new to the game you probably wont know how to win
this means japan, brazil, united states, and india
democracy in this game is overpowered yet extremely boring, you cant declare conquest wars if you dont have civilian factories or you collapse
very unfun way of getting into the war game
so the early game meta includes ganking your nearest microstate to gain their money (all countries start with 100 million), this is because city states have extremely reduced justification time and are very easy to gank, europe is by far the most played continent in this game and you will get ganked

play africa and build up basically unnoticed until midgme gg

unless you play as north african states, you will be ganked by either spain, italy, france, or turkey

Possibly because they have researched tech or they are entrenched? Did u try using a navy or attacker to weaken then and then split your troops and attack?

I’d say Kazakh is pretty easy to play if you know what you’re doing.

Kazakh is pretty big and attrition happens easily so if you can get artillery and a few ships in the Caspian early game then you should be fine. You have mountains near ur biggest city so if you entrench 150k and spam artillery there then you should be fine. It’s a decent place to place factories too since it’s pretty well defended.

However if Russia and china both attack you before 2020 then you’re cooked.

My favorite nation to play as is the UK

Navy is very easy to form early game. Tons of square cities. Blitz small nations around you and gank France then backstab Germany. It’s so easy and so fun since France and Germany are decent challenges.
Also invading Iran is hell

if you know what you’re doing yes, this was a guide for new player nations (new players should not be playing kazakh)

which is the main issue because both are competing to see who can take you the fastest (which is almost always china because they have reduced justification time from socialism)