Underrated Roblox Games:Waterloo at Home

Waterloo at Home is a open-world Sandbox based around the Napolenic Era, mainly the Battle of Waterloo.

In this game, you can construct settlements, conquer places, and rain down cannonballs on eachother! Teamwork is the dream work in this game, you cannot solo people in this game due to a thing called Morale, which i’ll explain in a moment.

Let’s talk about the Features:


Health is a important source, which is quite scarce in this game, only being capable of being healed by the medic, which i’ll talk about later.
Since most weapons in the game insta-kill you for that added realism (mainly cannons and explosives, and muskets.), it is quite easy to die in this game.
The less health you have, the more greyscale your screen becomes and the more muffled sounds become.


A very important resource that must be kept stable at all costs to even fight.Morale affects your damage dealt, your movement speed, health regeneration…basically most of your stats.
Morale can be increased by:
-Being nearby your own team’s flags or flagpole.
-Listening to Songs
-Staying in a formation (usually works when standing in a line)
-Staying close to teammates
And much More
Morale is decreased by:
-Staying away from teammates
-Being shot by a weapon, or a bullet was close to hitting you.
-Entering enemy spawns, instantly drains all morale when getting close to spawn.

At low amounts of morale, you basically become useless, because you won’t be able to shoot and be crippled in both attention-wise and speed-wise, that is because your screen gets blurry at low morale.
At 0 morale, you deal zero damage towards your opponent, so the only choice here is quickly getting morale, or death.


-This game has a pretty diverse class selection that can pretty much fit any playstyle you wish to play, let’s talk about them:

-Ranker:An average Infantryman.Wields a basic musket and cutlass.

-Flagpole:A Pretty useful role, because while it’s wielding it’s flag, they can boost morale and allows you to spawn next to them.

-Artillery:Engineer Gaming.Gain the capability of operating machines of mass destruction, such as cannons, mortars and howitzers, Howitzers having the most range and being the most devastating, but can only be found in castles, which are found at the Top and Bottom of the maps, at both team spawns.

-Musician:Mainly a support unit and a morale restorer, thanks to it’s several assortments of instruments.

-Sharpshooter:Meet the sniper.It’s musket can easily one-shot enemies, and they have extreme range, going even 2000+ studs!

-Medic:Ngl…this is the least useful class, since almost everything one-shots you, and alot of Medics would likely be assaulted by gun fire or cutlass mains when a experienced player notices them.

-Cavalry:These Scary units can circle their enemies, slowly but surely dealing with them using their cutlass.

-Sapper:Engineer gaming, building edition.With this class…you can build fortressess and new settlements if you wish.You are pretty weak offensively, though.

-Grenadier:Wield powerful grenades that can puncture holes into enemy fortifications, and enemy frontlines.Wields a basic cutlass

-Captain:If you are into Pirates and Naval battles…this class is for you.Spawns with a ship that usually has 2 cannons, allows you to raid settlements this way via artillery fire or mass ship raids.

I’ll suppose that’s all i’ll say for this game “review”, there are more features, but i said mainly the most important ones for you to start your game :fr:.

Game Link:


Hmm that sounds a lot more interesting than when I first glanced at the game on the friends page. I’ll give it a go sometime :+1: