Underrated roblox rpg list (and my opinions on them)

I’m bOrEd

So i’ll make this post to be un-bored and shine light on hidden gems :sunglasses: This isn’t a tierlist or anything, and underrated ≠ good. However, these games deserve more attention than simulator simulator simulator simulator simulator simulator.

Voxel Blade

Not sure if this game counts as underrated anymore, as it’s recent spike in popularity nets it a constant 6k players everyday.

This open world rpg is about exploring the world, completing quests, and taking your sword to new heights, and I mean that LITERALLY, there is a complete sword path tree for this. (evolvable at levels 10/30/60)

I chose the magic sword path. While combat can get repetitive, and the game can feel like an actual walking simulator WoM, it’s a decent timesink. I’m stuck at level 30 in the game and I don’t know what to do, and there ARE rkers who farm the newbie area for “rep”, but thats with every game. Regardless, check it out if you have time.

AVG Playercount: 6k


Hexaria is a turn-based rpg where you use cards to battle. I’ve been with it since it was in beta and It’s pretty slow imo, but it’s focus is on strategy (or luck) rather than faced paced action.

Unfortunately, this game has been lost to time. It will seldom recieve updates, with the latest one being on November 28th at the time of writing this.

AVG Playercount: 150+


No introduction needed.

We all know about this games upsides, and it’s downsides, and the impending revamp coming in 2021. There are enough rants about this game already and I’m not gonna add to that, just know that I still support the development of AO.

AVG Playercount: 600+

Heroes! 2

Kick down doors, dodge, run, hack and slash! This game is the sequel to the original “Heroes!” Which I played a looooooooooooong time ago. Unfortunately, this game was on a death clock and did not meet the required robux met for the developer. You can still play the game, but the dev isn’t seriously working on it anymore. Regardless, give it a shot!

Turns out I was wrong, seems that this game is getting a TGR of it’s own:

AVG Playercount: 24


Hours is a unique rogue type single player game on roblox where you are able to screw with time itself! Despite that it isn’t a jojo game lol. It suffers from lack of replayability once you have unlocked all the hosts, which explains it’s decline. Half of the game is locked behind a paywall.

If you haven’t already, check it out.

Used to have 1k players.

Now has 154+

agree with the ones that I’ve played, and I see a few that interest me, this is cool I like

well yes
hes trying to revamp it tho


I think you can spam do the bee dungeon for xp, “Not sure of the best methods though, I just know that the boss does 1 damage when you’re blocking. The drones are annoying though.

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It’s fun but everyone doesn’t play it after they get everything in it.

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It will get a new name and Davidii is reworking it to be a PC-focused game full of manual controls.

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Voxlblade no longer counts I tried it, I am at level 18 and what I saw I liked (bear having to walk) you forgot to mention that there are also several races are

human / elf / dark elf / ogre and drake /

PS: thanks for the image of the growth tree, I also have a magic sword

roguetype lol