Undertale/deltarune/undertale yellow boss difficulty tier list (spoilers obviously)

you gotta be a madman to think that this:

Is harder than THIS:

Why the fuck is clover named Chara in that screenshot

(I had that exact same thought)

(better not to dwell on it for too long)

(why is clover’s heart red too wtf???)

Something ain’t right in that screenshot



rouxls kaard is harder than zenith martlet.

also where’s mad mew mew

(unless you haven’t fought them, I haven’t either.)

I don’t own the game on switch
Although you’d have to use a controller so it’d be awful (I fucking hate playing on controller)

Genuinely it’s harder to beat undyne the undying on a controller with the pie than it is to beat her without using any snowman pieces on keyboard



I’d move all of them down a tier.

(except maybe muffet if ur on genocide idk I fought her on pacifist because I didn’t have spider donut)

They belong in challenging

Asgore is easy as shit bruh idk what ur talking about

(I died to papyrus more times… embarassing as that sounds)

He’s harder than spamton neo I’m ngl

I absolutely refuse to believe that divorced, lonely fatass is any harder than the #1 rated salesman of 1997

Salesman is so fucking easy it’s insane after I spent hours fighting jevil and finally beat him for the first time I went on to almost no hit spamton first try

unrelated but do you think ASGORE would be a good discord mod

No he’d ban curse words

bumping to say i changed my mind and genocide ceroba actually isnt SHIT and is below undyne the undying (pretty hard category)

how did you beat rouxls kaard is there some hidden cheese

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since this is basically an undertale/deltarune thread, what do you guys think chapter 3’s hidden boss is gonna be about?

assuming this is following the “freedom” lemotif as the other 2, jevil and spamton.

I guess jevil thinks he’s free since he went cuckoo.
spamton WANTS to be free, as seen by the entire reason of his NEO fight being because of his strings.

so what do you guys speculate the 3rd hidden boss’ theme around freedom to be?

if you mash z and x at 1000 presses per second you unlock easy mode which is just barely beatable with frame perfect inputs