Underwater Skull

Long story short I recently obtained my Apple Pencil and had to do a few doodles to kinda adapt to the app Procreate so I made this


Ouu that’s me in a few weeks. So far what do you think of it? I plan on using it.

I’d say it’s gonna be rough at the start but as you draw you’ll progress your grasp on the pen and adapt to it

Nice, well I hope I’ll like it. Can’t wait to see more of your work!

Wonder if fishing in different spots will give different rewards like at the skull. Beautiful work. :water_magic_var3:

one of the best treasure spots as there is a pit of chests right next to it

Even the bot is necroposting now?

They always do

Nice art but maybe fixing some composition this is just my personal opinion but i think you leave too many empty space i get your point of trying to show the vast scale of the ocean but it work better in vertical art.

the character also look a bit too small compare the fish around it a fish should be moving in a group of 5-6 fishs in different side. it would look more neutral. (i’m bad at english, but you should get what i mean)

scuffed art of what i try to mean

I can see why you said this but this is a doodle, probably didn’t care much/just chilling

Yeah, he just testing with his apple pen, but i like giving feedbacks tho maybe some other people might see the reply and take some advice out of it.

Thanks for the advice I’ll probably won’t remember it because it’s 12 AM but thonkkkkkk

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Mind if I steal this idea? I have not done any under water environments and now I want to try. I will prolly do the same location but a different composition. Just wanted to check if thats ok?

Sure why noooot