Unintentional moments that you profited from Thread

Post any death-defying, questionable,heart stopping moments that happened to you in arcane odyssey that you had somehow profited from here in this thread or just post a moment that had you raging super hard and ended up in you smashing your computer

I cant recall specifically between which of these I got my scald tooth dagger from but I got jumped either by 2 atlantean crystal mages or some m1 spamming atlantean that didnt use it at all, once I beat them/it, I managed to get my first dagger.

Back when the dark sea first released, I had to rely on atlantean ships spawning in the insanity 1 range for repairs (they were mostly sailboats, caravels and ketches at the time).
This meant that when I was going on a trip with a friend, things started to look bad when we had been going for quite a while with no atlantean ship in sight.
We started heading back but our ships were getting low on health. My friend didn’t have any galleons for repairing because he couldn’t access his clan’s bank, and my hand had been taken off by a lightning strike and I couldn’t hold a repair hammer. Eventually we had to leave my friend’s ship behind and continue on a long, slow journey on mine.

My ship started with 26k health. We made it out of the dark sea with 2k remaining.

I got jumped by two level 160 mutateds once… i jumped into the water (my head barely got submerged) and somehow then the atlantean that was left bugged out and stopped attacking me (i was at 200 health atp)… i was able to kill it after i regained my health…

Could’ve you have sent your friend some galleons… correct me if i’m wrong but can’t we initiate trades within the dark sea?

I don’t believe you can. You can receive payments but I don’t think you can send them.