Unique Weapons for Each Magic

Basically I make up ideas for unique weapons designated for each magic and some abilities. I also put random pictures of a weapons as similar as possible to those I envisioned for each magic so that it’s easier to visualize.

The Caustic Chain
A long, deadly chain weapon, stinging like acid, or excreting it with wide, spiraling motions.

Would likely be a kusarigama or a similar weapon, would be able to send out giant arcs of acid.

The Aqueous Prongs
A grand weapon resembling that of Poseidon, with one prong for the body of the sea, one for the geysers of the earth, and one for rain of the sky.

Able to generate giant waves, summon high-pressure blasts, or draw rain from the clouds.

The Valiant Flame
What more fitting for a mage of fire than a heroic broadsword of burning blazes?

A sword composed of fire able to stretch itself into a massive column of flames or transform into a twisting firestorm.

The Tectonic Plate
An unbreakable defense, providing an earthshattering offense.

The shield can generate powerful quakes upon colliding with the ground, and fend off attacks at a similar strength level.

The Hoarfrost Javelin
A great icicle that chills the blood of anyone in its presence, for one throw could easily impale their heart.

A single shaft of Ice, able to expand on command, or manifest multiple branches of frosty spikes to attack many at once. Hits will slow targets.

The Lash of Lightning
Striking fear into anyone who hears its sonorous thundercrack, should those in question have committed wrongdoings deserving of divine punishment.

A whip that can knock foes about with bursts of thunder or close distance with its electrifying grip.

The Molten Maul
Crack open the Earth, for beneath the crust is where Magma thrives.

Create eruptions of melting magma from the earth, or melt them with the hammer instead.

The Branch of Nature
An experienced combatant’s bo-staff, or a powerful wizard’s conduit of magic? That’s a decision for the wielder to make.

Expand the staff to ludicrous lengths, or use it to grow infinite branches of Wood to damage or capture foes.

The Gift of Apollo
Rain down thousands of brilliant rays of Light that subdue the area with glowing energy.

The bow can fire up to as many rays of light at a time as needed that can bounce off surroundings.

The Zephyr Arc
Twirling through the sky, the boomerang effortlessly flies through the air, but despite its grace, it can swirl air it into turbulent gusts should need be.

Obediently travels along trajectories of the users choice, and generates powerful whirlwinds on command.

The Void’s Key
The void is always present, one just needs to find a way to access it, whether that would be through tearing a hole through the air or through anyone in its wake.

Summon shadows and dark zones of terror using a frightening scythe.

The Metal Dread
Step any closer to it and taste your own blood, drawn out from the strongest metal to ever be forged.

The axe will generate massive metal tendrils that tear through defenses and impale opponents through any layers of armor.

The Miasmic Pipe
An assassin’s weapon of choice, a rogue’s weapon of chaos.

Use the blowpipe to inject opponents with poison or paint the sky with deadly toxins.

The Ion Channels
Energetic blades for energetic warriors, allowing for blinding speed with incinerating power.

Propel oneself through the battlefield with the power of plasma, or shoot out beams of scorching-hot ions.

The Ancient Edge
Buried under the sands of the desert for millennia, it claimed countless lives in its rage with sandstorms abrasive enough to erode through the finest of iron in seconds.

Summon damaging sandstorms or projections of sand that can obscure vision and cause bleeding. The sword can also coat itself in sand held around it by the sandstorm winds for extra damage.

The Shard of Distress
Trauma causes distress. Distress causes fragility. Fragility causes danger.

A sharp knife of glass able to cry out shards along the ground, and multiply into arrays of knives as the weapon is thrown. The amount of glass generated increases as the user’s health lowers.

The Daybreak Gem
Though some may look upon it as an ornament of beauty, it stays true nonetheless that anyone wielding this shall be considered armed and dangerous.

When colliding with objects, the crystalline morningstar or projectiles it can create as it swings will grow crystals in around the area of impact that can be shattered, exploding into dangerous shrapnel.

The Winter Stars
Blades that fill the sky like the thousands of stars in a wintry night, and freeze the body like the sextillions of snowflakes that cover the planet.

Create blizzards of snow-based throwing stars that slow down opponents the more they accumulate.

The Grand Boomstick
The ability to destroy anything in a giant explosion with just the pull of a trigger is an ability anyone sane should fear.

Fire pure explosions out of the flintlock, whether they be concentrated, high-energy beams, or blindingly large conical combustions.

The Executioner’s Rifle
The grim thought of the thousands permanently preserved in time as ashen statues is a burden to bear for anyone carrying this arm.

Shoot deadly bursts that cover victims in layers of ashes that accumulate, eventually resulting in petrification. Weak clouds will trail from victims as they are shot, and from shots as they travel.


its kinda confusing to read but seems cool

can we add a mode for the boomstick to just make it the super shotgun

Fixed the formatting.

Earth gets a shield.


Was gonna give it a Hammer but then I realized that Magma needed a heavy weapon so I might need to donate the hammer and Metal needed something deadly so I couldn’t give the shield to Metal. Shield still actually fits pretty nice considering Earth has some strong defensive stats and a massive shield is still gonna hurt if someone smacks you with it.


I’m assuming gold is just a yellow axe?

Gold is Metal so yeah.

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Jaundice axe lol

Reminds me of those magic weapons back in AA. This looks pretty sick tho hehe.

So I basically have

A gun

Another gun

And the world’s deadliest yo-yo.

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