Unreasonable Thermo fist nerf

While it wasn’t as big of a meta as size mage it was definitely really strong, Thermo warlock was destroying ppl

They wanted to change Thermo heat to be something that you can’t charge beforehand and could only build up through attacking aggressively in combat. Heat from M1s was really close to being completely removed, but luckily it was only halved instead.

Maybe because it needs a balanced damage or idk?

Great the cycle of Mages are op nerf magic buff strength then it repeats again

bro its damage is pretty nice idk what the balance team is cooking with 90% heat drain outside of combat when your heat gain takes like 5+ seconds to get to full

At this point they are removing the heat meter all together and making thermo its past self 1.14 where it took forever to charge up

lol you may have to build it in fights soon.