Update changes

Am i the only one that thought kingdom alignment would have been a better fit for this update? I thought that spirit weapons being added on full release was a good plan that made logical sense. Kingdom alignment seemed like a really cool feature but i guess people prefer spirit weapons. Atleast we will get a level cap increase and port mistral :confused:


My brother in christ, I’m missing half of my class


and weapon skill changing

vitality deserves to actually work after an entire year of basically not having content


Yea I agree that Kingdom alignment system would’ve been better.

ppl don’t seem to realize that Spirit weapons will probably release with 5 or less different skills making them boring as hell. With the balancing of AO rn, I can imagine that they’ll end up either really op or really shit.

That’s just my opinion as someone who has little interest with using vitality weapons tho.

who cares? at least vitality builds will have something after a year of waiting
besides, there will also be spirit energy imbues for hybrid builds, which means that you can finally imbue magic with something

I think a lot of ppl will care. After a year of no content you say → very little of it that could be very unbalanced will make everyone just as mad if vetex decided to work on alignment instead.

On the topic of that system, I think it would bring a lot to the table in terms of content with the cool additions. At least it’ll keep everyone busy until vitality weaps were added.

Being completely honest, I severely doubt the alignment would keep anyone busy for more than a week

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Any update in this game wont keep anyone busy for more than a week fr, even a long time player like me got fed up with how little the content gets released and a monthly update schedule aint gonna fix it

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yes, get better bait

Spirit weapons give me an excuse to make another character and experience the new beginning the game and how some things have changed