Useful list of speaking verbs

I’ve used this a lot and decided to put this here to help any fellow writers

what you can say instead of said :

ordered, insisted, hesitated, trailed off, expressed, sobbed, mocked, teased, grimaced, smiled, corrected, lectured.

whispered, muttered, stuttered, explained, exclaimed, suggested, responsed, replied, answered, grumbled, growled, hissed, snapped.

pondered, requested, acknowledged, warned, ventured, commanded, pleaded, begged, added, cackled, chuckled, giggled, stated.

whined, scowled, joked, cheered, began, called, barked, snickered, observed, assured, advised, commented, gushed, mentioned, remaked, reported, smirked


This is surprisingly helpful but I don’t see myself coming back to this to refill my memory of these words. Still a nice and, indeed, useful list. :nod: :+1:

“What’s the worst thing that could happen if we go into the dark crevice?” Raven insisted.

“We might die,” muttered Emily.

“What was that? I couldn’t hear you!” Raven teased, jumping into the icy crevice.

Hawk looked around at the white, icy wastes, “Well he hasn’t killed us yet,” she commented.

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i think you meant responded

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The importance of using more descriptive words in text:

The boy said loudly, “Get away from me!”


The boy snarked voraciously, “Get away from me!”

The feather fell from the sky.


The feather gracefully slid down from the sky.

Two texts can virtually both mean the same thing, except when using more descriptive words in writing, the reader is able to better “paint a picture” into what is happening.

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thank you, my friend

The first 2 sentences mean very different things though