UUCB FIGHT ONE: Charlotte kaktakuri vs. Clay (WoF)

welcome to the first UUCB fight!

So the way this works is I will compare each characters strengths and weaknesses and you can judge who is better.

Ok, so let’s Introduce the characters!


Sex: Male
Age: 48
Race: mochi human
Height: 509 cm

Summary: A big mom pirate commander with a huge bounty, he ate the moch mochi devil fruit, a powerful fruit that Grant’s him the ability to control and turn things into dough, as well as his own body parts.

He is able to regenerate lost limbs as well as change his body shape, and can turn his mochi into various forms of blunt weapons such as spiked clubs.

also he can do this

Presumed fighting style: hyper offensive


Sex: male
Age: 7 years old (:flushed:)
Height: tough estimate of 10 or 11 feet

Summary: Clay is one of the main characters and dragonet of destiny in the first part of the story, he is strong, fire resistant, and can fly considerably fast.

Clay’s thick scales enable him to resist physical attacks with more ease, he is also capable of breathing fire and heating his body.

Presumed fighting style: defensive

Both characters would be considered medium - close range fighters.

So, who do you think the winner is?

  • Clay
  • Charlotte

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The results are in, Charlotte katakuri wins the battle by one extra point!

Fuck you Charlette a dragon could beat the shit out of pretty much everyone

They’re both have something to do with clay

I see what you did there

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Ooooooh it’s a 50/50

Also include Clay can breathe fire

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if he’s warm enough he’s probably just gonna burn him to a crisp, but knowing Clay’s personality he wouldn’t

Ok I’m add some stuff

I mean, if it’s really a death match he might

The viper injury could hinder him though

i thought you were talking about bon clay because i’d smash the fucking bon clay button, the chad queer


A Superhuman Pirate with the ability to turn his body into Dough, can see briefly into the future because of his rigorous training in Kenbunshoku Haki, enhance his pretty versatile devil fruit powers using Busoshoku Haki, and he’s born with a pretty overpowered ability known as Conqueror’s Haki that allows him to exert his own willpower over others, either causing them to faint, freeze in place for a few seconds, or obey their orders for a bit.


A Big Dragon

look i don’t know the matchup okay so i’m biased

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I bet my one-dollar bill on the big dragon

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I have no clue what the big dragon can do
but if he’s fast
and i mean
really fast
then he wins

cause you’re not just gonna hit a guy who can see like 5-10 seconds into the future that easily

i would say clays speed is very fast, but his hefty scales might hinder his movement.

idk how fast mochi punches are sooo

dont know the matchup but unless if clay is like incredibly fast and enough to counter future sight or can just stomp katakuri in strength/durability
yeah uh clay is fucked
vs battles states katakuri is relativistic+


i’m basing this on the fact that the pacifista beams are actually lightspeed

and the fact that Katakuri can make even more hands for himself, that can surround an opponent from all angles
so yeah
good luck

yeah unless if clay is like op as shit (like uhhh mountain/island buster?) and fast as shit (at least relativistic)
clay is FUCKED

im starting to think i may have given our dragon friend an opponent on a different level in strength…

in a “that opponent is going to fuck you to oblivion” level difference

What did you expect a 7 year old to do bruh??

Well technically he is an adult…

Hes fully mature