Uuuh, I think he likes to open chests

“though the enticing view of the ocean and the surrounding environment of redwake were a sight to behold of their own, I wasn’t interested in them at all, for my eyes immediately locked onto what my entire existence was made to be for, a small wooden chest sat near some sailor supplies by the docks, its smooth, shiny, silver paint almost teased me. the lustrous reflection of the metal on the box lured me over to inspect its wares. It was a force I simply couldn’t resist, like the thousands of chests I’ve opened before, It was out of volition for me to open these chests and yet at the same time I felt as if I was being puppeteered somehow. I had to, no, I NEEDED to, open chests, it was my destiny, it was what I was made for on this planet, it was my arcane odyssey…”


from the 86 hours and only lvl 7 It’s most probably someone’s alt file for treasure charts or something

you dont get treasure charts at lvl 7

ur right

I would say maybe they have a lot of hours from WoM but they got barely any npc kills either so that can’t be it. Unless they also did nothing but chests in WoM.

5th gen:


this is a cheating acc he got all those from chests

this is not a WoM file bec he’s gen 5

forgot about that

i think galleons earned count even if you max out your wallet

10 spells 8 kills which means only jaw pirates?

ye but no chance this is a new player who opened 32 thousand chests and got 153k items and 106k galleons

only the 4 quests completed for redwake

yeah true

Definitely some kind of chest macro. Just teleporting around collecting them all.

why at such a low level though? it wont get any good loot aside from acrimonies

Acrimonies are like super valuable though right? Should be all they need out of it.

Probably to limit the drop pool as much as possible to get as many acrimonies as possible

Yeah he a farming dse and acrimony

Exploits don’t even work anymore this shit is old

As someone who leveled from 20 to 80 with only charts, I can confirm this guy’s probably just grinding the same few chests over and over for Prometheus acrimony since that’s the only relevant thing he can get at that level

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