V1.12 Stat Build Tierlist

Don’t like it? Fight me

Ehhh roast me if you want. I’m all here for it.

meh im jus thoping savant gets better with time

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It will

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Savant should be moved at C, It’s practically a build that needs proper stat contribution as of now because of the 125 level cap.

Warlord on S tier? why? They’re predictable. Should be at B at best.
And Warrior on S tier is pretty situational but I can see the reason, It would be A for me though.

And an S tier is an overstatement since there’s not much lost spell/weapons/techniques yet with niche tech gimmicks. Decent list though.

Berserkers should be A.
A friend who was a berserker pummelled me after the buffs or nerfs i dont know.

warlords on top :muscle: :mariomug:

I think warlock should be S tier ngl

-insane mobility
-great damage
-lots of possible combinations

Conjurer could also be S tier but the only thing holding it back is how some imbuements literally debuff yourself. :fr:

bro put warlord in S tier…

Actually, that makes a ton of sense. Sailor/Iron Leg warlord is dummy OP, don’t even have to aim.

Fair enough for sailor/iron leg users, but not B tier. A tier at least. Thermo Warlord users aren’t predictable though.

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Also, Berserker should be A tier. As much as I LOATH Iron Leg users, Iron Leg Berserker is pretty powerful. Also, ThatOneGuy opened my eyes to a whole new world of “good berserker users”. Don’t sleep on Basic Combat berserker.

Its should be right below warlock.

I’m mid at best

Mid ass list why isn’t warlock in S


Yeah, but it looked like it was actually fun to play, and when I was fighting with you I could actually see the skill

savant S-tier (in like 12 years)

yeah every single level cap increase savant will climb up a tier

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and so will everything else

but specifically savant

imagine pulsar+triasta+axe slash

yeah but by the time savant can do that, mage will have ancient spells, berserker will have ancient techs, warrior will have legendary weapons

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