[v1.2] Storyline Update Patch Notes

The Storyline Update for World of Magic has been released! Here is a long list of all the medium/major changes in this update:

  • Separated the inbox into 4 different categories: Messages, Trades, Magic Council, and Storyline. Messages, payments, and Magius News will all appear in the Messages section, trade requests will appear in the Trades section, Fines and Criminal Notices will appear in the Magic Council section, and the Storyline section is where you will view your current storyline progress and quest. Each of these sections will display their own colored icon on top of the Inbox button to make it obvious which ones you have, and when opening the inbox, it will automatically show the section with a message that has the most priority. (For example, if you have an unpaid fine but also a message in your inbox, opening the inbox will show the Magic Council section)
  • You can now choose which storyline path you wish to do at Level 30 in the Storyline section of the inbox. This is a permanent choice that will never be change-able.
  • Server region now displays in the bottom right corner of the screen next to the version number.
  • Added the Prologue section of the Hero and Villain storylines. This small section of tasks serves as an introduction to the game’s greater story, which will be expanded on in later updates, so most of it is just basic goals such as defeating dark wizards, and ends off with defeating the Minotaur boss (in the Hero storyline) or defeating the Exiled boss (in the Villain storyline).
  • FPS unlockers are now allowed once again since they no longer grant an extreme advantage in combat relating to spell casting speeds.
  • Trading is enabled once again now that most duping methods are patched, however, if a new duping method is discovered, it will be disabled again until it is fixed. There is also a method in place that is currently deleting the thousands of duped rare items.
  • Added the Minotaur boss, an Old Sea Viking who is part Vastus, a now-extinct race of giants. He wanders Magius in search of battles in his mission to become the strongest man alive. He earned his nickname due to his helmet and “bull-like” attacks. When defeated, he will drop 100-250 Crowns.
    The chance of getting a boss drop from defeating the Minotaur is 10%, and he can drop the following items: Minotaur’s Helmet, Minotaur’s Armor, Minotaur’s Boots, and Vastira (his giant, two-handed axe that has the new Mighty Crash ability)
    The Minotaur also has unique dialog which explains his backstory and ambitions.
  • Added The Exiled boss, a powerful wandering swordsman out of a mission to be redeemed by his kingdom by slaying any criminals he encounters. With his tower shield and heavy armor, he has a primarily defense-focused fighting style, meaning it is hard to do significant damage to him, and his low-damaging attacks wear down his opponents over time. When defeated, he will drop 200-350 Crowns.
    The chance of getting a boss drop from defeating The Exiled is 10%, and he can drop the following items: Exiled Helmet, Exiled Armor, Exiled Leggings, Oathkeeper (his broadsword that has the new Raging Storm ability), and the Wall of Jericho (his tower shield with great durability and blocking power)
    The Exiled also has unique dialog which explains his backstory and ambitions.
  • Total Durability for shields now represents the number of damage they can absorb before breaking, rather than number of hits. As a result of this, all shields have had their Total Durability changed.
  • Added a prevention that should hopefully fix file overwriting. I am unsure if this is 100% fixed yet.
  • Added new inventory backup system that should hopefully fix random inventory wiping. This was thoroughly tested by myself and it seems to work, as even when I force wiped my inventory, I rejoined and it was rolled back to what it was before.
  • When an NPC takes damage, it now has a 50% chance to immediately use an attack, to make it slightly harder to spam kill NPCs with melee weapons.
  • Your character now always rotates to face the camera while sprinting and holding a melee weapon. This is to make melee fighting look and function better.
  • Melee hitboxes are slightly better than before, most notice-able with heavier weapons.
  • NPCs now have a 50% chance to aim at their target directly, rather than predicting where they will be. This is because before, you could simply spam spin in a circle and the NPC would not aim anywhere near you.
  • Players with bounties and very low reputations now have the option to surrender at Magic Council camps and outposts.
  • Fish now rot 24 real life hours after being caught, to prevent them from blowing up the economy and making Crowns worthless. This was an issue that happened in Arcane Adventures with the Lamina currency, so it was best to stop this early on. You can view a timer when mousing over a fish to see how much time is left before it rots. When it rots, it will only sell for one crown, and have “Rotten” added to the front of its name.
  • Surrendering to the Magic Council will now show a message in chat to players nearby, since this could sometimes look like an exploit due to the player suddenly teleporting into jail.
  • Increased the cooldown for melee weapon heavy slashes by 33%, and added a minimum cooldown of 1 second to them all. It was never intended that heavy slashes were the only way you fight with melee weapons, but it became like that, so now they are not as effective.
  • Added the Criminal Record system. Whenever soldiers spawn on you or you surrender to a Criminal Notice, this will increase by 1, and you will get a message about it in the Magic Council tab of your inbox. The higher this number goes, the harder it is to gain reputation from doing quests or from surrendering, up to a max of 10. If your Criminal Record is 10 or higher, you only gain 10% of the reputation you normally would from quests or being arrested. Criminal Record will decrease by 1 every 2 in-game hours if your reputation is Hero or higher. This system was added to make it harder for players to swap between good and bad reputation so easily, since generally I want players to pick a reputation and stick to it as best as they can.
  • You no longer lose or gain reputation from just hitting NPCs, only from killing them.
  • Added new Magius News topics, including minibosses being defeated, Exiled or Minotaur bosses being defeated, piracy reports declining, and mercenaries being killed.
  • You can now gain or lose a decent amount of reputation for appearing in Magius News. The gain or loss amount depends on the article, and this reputation gain/loss has no limit, meaning you could in theory become a Demon or Legendary Hero reputation from appearing in the news a bunch of times.
  • All negative reputation NPCs such as bandits, dark wizards, pirates, and the Minotaur boss are now aggressive towards players of neutral reputation by default.
  • Combat NPCs Level 20 and under now have slower AI and don’t jump when strafing. This is so that combat-based quests aren’t as harsh on new players.
  • Some magics now emit light around your character while charging magic energy.
  • Bounty changes are now displayed in the chat near where the player whose bounty raised is.
  • Clouds now spawn around players. These move, grow, and rotate dynamically, and can turn into rain clouds and thunderstorms of varying intensity. Weather changes can be some-what predicted based on the color of the cloud. Being under a rain cloud will keep applying the Soaked status effect while under it, and you can also be struck by lightning from thunderstorms if you are very unlucky. Being struck by lightning deals 300-500 damage, paralyzes, and awards the new “Struck by Lightning” badge. This weather system will be expanded on multiple times in later updates to add even more weather events, such as tornados, tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, and more, as well as area-temperature specific weather patterns such as blizzards, sandstorms, hail, and more.
  • Melee weapons with the Swift enchantment now cost 30% less stamina to use.
  • Player names in chat will now use their reputation color rather than their pre-determined Roblox name color, to make it obvious what reputation of players are around you.
  • Fixed about 125 different bugs, all of which can be found listed on the Trello’s patch note cards.

All details, minor changes, and bug fixes are listed as always on the game’s Trello board on the following cards:

More random info about the bosses:

You can get drops even if you didn’t deal the finishing hit on a boss/miniboss, however the chances are divided based on what percentage of damage you dealt to it. For example, someone who deals 90% of the damage to a boss will have a 10% less chance to get a drop (multiplied by the item’s drop rate), and someone who deals 10% of the boss’s health has a 90% less chance to get a drop

The current bosses can spawn anywhere in the world in open clearings, just like bandit camps and other structures do.

Bosses have their max health automatically increase if more than one player is fighting them, so that the difficulty doesn’t drop significantly.